Why Sell through Auction?

• Buyers come prepared to buy.
• Quick disposal reduces long-term carrying costs, including taxes
  and maintenance.
• Assurance that property will be sold at true market value.
• Exposes the property to a large number of pre-qualified prospects.
• Accelerates the sale.
• Creates competition among buyers-auction price can exceed the
  price of a negotiated sale.
• Requires potential buyers to pre-qualify for financing.

• The seller knows exactly when the property will sell.
• The seller sets terms and conditions of the sale.
• Eliminates numerous and unscheduled showings.
• Takes the seller out of the negotiation process.
• Ensures an aggressive marketing program that increases interest and visibility.
• The buyer knows the seller is fully committed to sell.
• Smart investments are made as properties are usually purchased at fair
  market value through competitive bidding.

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